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Using wood as the primary fuel to heat your house is now a viable, economic and realistic alternative to fossil fuels.
Firewood is a sustainable fuel and is carbon neutral. Modern woodburners and wood burning systems are now incredibly efficient and stylish.

Things you should know about the wood you buy

• the type of wood being sold
• if the wood is from a sustainable source
• if it has been seasoned and for how long
• whether the price quoted includes delivery
• the length and general size
• whether it is priced by volume or by weight
Well seasoned ash, oak, beech, birch, sycamore, hornbeam, hawthorn and wild cherry are all good woods to burn.

Firewood should be sold by volume rather than by weight because between 35% and 60% of the weight of freshly felled wood is water. Poplar is one of the wettest woods when freshly felled and ash (at 35%) one of driest. Trying to burn wet wood will produce steam, less heat (as so much of it is being used to dry the wood), problems with the chimney and pollution. Wet wood does not burn as well or as hot as dry wood. Burning wet wood in log burners causes a build up of tar in the chimney.

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Logs and Fuelwood supplied to the Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire border areas
Delivered in convenient recyclable Bulk Bags

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